Concerns over contaminated property and the expanded responsibilities for clean-up costs have heightened in recent years, especially among lending institutions. More stringent provincial laws have been passed, establishing "joint and several liability" for contaminated sites.

This legislation casts a wide net over both current and past owners, current and past operators, as well as others involved in property transactions and development.

What we do


MCCONNELL & ASSOCIATES assists property vendors, prospective purchasers, lending institutions and developers with their due diligence respecting potential contaminated site liability.

We conduct Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Investigations to assess potential risks for contamination (Phase 1), and confirm through soil and groundwater testing (Phase II) that contamination is either absent or present at the site.

Whether it's for a property transaction, redevelopment planning, or just for prudence, understanding the risks for site contamination at a property starts with a Phase I investigation.

Phase I investigations examine the risk of site contamination based on past and present use of the site as well as surrounding properties, and generally include:

If contamination is found, a Detailed Site Investigation (formerly called Phase 3) utilizes more extensive soil and groundwater testing to delineate the extent of contamination (area, depths, volumes for each contaminant). Based on the results of a Detailed Site Investigation, a Remediation Plan describes the method, sequence, timeframes and costs entailed in cleaning up contamination found at the site.

A Confirmation of Remediation Report documents the remediation actions implemented and provides verification that contamination has been removed. Sometimes, when physical remediation is either not possible or not practically feasible, site contamination can be dealt with by Risk Management instead.

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