Unifrost is a fully formulated heat transfer fluid containing Propylene Glycol, a USP/Food Grade inhibitor and an additive package. Unifrost contains 96.0% propylene glycol and 4% inhibitors, other performance-enhancing additives and deionized water.

It controls corrosion of metals, helps prevent scaling and fouling of heat tranfer surfaces, and buffers the pH to maintain it in the optimum operating range.



Unifrost can be used in the following applications:

Additive Package

Water Quality Requirements

It is recommended to use deionized water for dilution. However, tap water, well water, or city water may be used when it meets the quality standards. Unifrost contains ingredients that help prevent water hardness compounds, such as calcium and magnesium carbonates and sulfates, from reacting with the inhibitor/additive package ingredients to form precipitates, which can be reduce corrosion protection capabilities and can form corrosion-promoting and heat transfer limiting deposits.

However, it is still recommended that water with no more than 350ppm hardness be used to dilute Unifrost concentrate or be used as make up water. Chlorides and sulfates are also usually present in municipal water sources. Both should be limited to concentrations no greater that 50ppm.

Heat Transfer Graph

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Industry Standards

Unifrost meets or exceeds the requirements of the following standards:

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